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About Us
Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Personal Development Are Our Passion!

'When someone tells you "You can't", they're showing you their limits. Not Yours!'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Our Vision

Our Vision is to significantly elevate the quality of thought, the level of self-awareness and the power of understanding for ALL who cross our path and are interested in entrepreneurship, coaching and personal development, so they can live a much higher quality life!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a significant difference in the world through encouraging entrepreneurship and through our coaching programs, by promoting and teaching personal development methods of creating and discovering new streams of abundance, prosperity, and wellbeing, flowing in a never-ending cycle to, through and from each person. For this, we offer the necessary coaching tools and behavior models together with proven methods of application at personal development and professional development levels so our students and clients will achieve greater outcomes in every aspect of life.


Different than the classical academic environments, we believe in the Power of the Mind and creating new thinking patterns through coaching, which, in turn will lead to New Behavioral Patterns. We know that Will, Determination, and Perseverance will always make a difference in every one's personal development journey if focused in the right direction, while joined by Inspired Action!


At Satori Romania we believe that ALL people can absolutely live to their full potential, be wealthy, happy and live the life their truly want, by learning to work in harmony with the Universal Laws, and become aware of the Power of their Mind, this way, going beyond and eliminating their limitations and blockages!

Our Philosophy

Different than the classical academic environments, through our coaching and personal development programs and events, we believe in the Power of the Mind and in creating new thinking patterns, which, in turn will lead to New Behavioral Patterns. We know that Will, Determination, and Perseverance will always make a difference if focused in the right direction and mixed with Inspired Action!


At Satori Romania we believe that people can utilize coaching to absolutely get to live to their full potential, be wealthy, happy and enjoy the life their truly want, if they learn to work in harmony with the Universal Laws, and become aware of the Power of their Mind, this way overcoming their own self-perceived or self-induced limitations.


We believe in the Power of Appreciation and how magical it is! We appreciate and respect ourselves, each other, nature, the Universe, God, animals, kindly and smartly expressed Opinions, ALL life choices, all sexual orientation, all colors and shades, as well as being told NO!


We Passionately believe in growth and  personal development and in the idea that coaching, and mentoring are for everybody and can be dome for everybody who have the skills, the proper training, the drive and a desire to make a difference in the world. In fact, these days we don’t think anybody can afford to NOT have a coach if they want to improve anything in their life and if they are invested in their personal development journeys.


For us, true education is NOT taking place through memorization of information and the capacity of reproducing it from memory. Instead, true education happens when we teach what it takes to develop new thinking habits which will lead to new emotional connections, new goals, and desires, which in turn will lead to new skills and new behavioral patterns, which, by universal law, will lead to new results.


This is why we passionately encourage, educate and fully support Coach Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in its true form, through our Best Selling Coaching Programs! We Believe in the Absolute Freedom: mental, emotional, and financial and in the Capacity to Inspire Others to Want and Do THE SAME!

WE believe that a truly well understood and well-thought business makes money when it's set up properly, EVEN when WE are not actively working on providing its products or services!


We believe in continuously GIVING through coaching and real education, inspiration, assistance, mentoring, and opening UP minds, and hearts.


We believe in the fun and joy of personal development and in each individual's power of creating new abundant and recurring income streams from multiple sources, set up to come our way, even when we sleep!

Our Team


Sanda Kruger

Sanda Kruger is an entrepreneur and a trainer of coaches who has more than 20 years experience in personal development, coaching and business development and has served more than 35,000 clients from over 200 countries. She is also a real estate investor who learned outstanding adapted business strategies, personal development techniques, communication, and goal setting skills, hands-on, through life, entrepreneurial coaching projects, and work experiences. This practical expertise together with her philosophy and business education offered Sanda a well-rounded perspective on entrepreneurship, but, that wasn't enough. She wanted to learn how to overcome her own personal limitations, generational and cultural blockages, as she is a Firm Believer in the Ultimate Freedom, which has to include ALL: mental, emotional, and financial aspects! Through more than 10 years of studying from transformation coaching experts like: Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, T Harv Eker, and others, about paradigms, mindset conversions, self-awareness, harmony, true knowledge and the universal laws, mixed with a passion for studying neuroscience and neuroplasticity in her spare time, the process of self-discovery brought Sanda to clear paths, materialized through her own successful results. This way, she came closer to validating her life's purpose of sharing true knowledge and guide others throughout their journey to happiness and success.

 She is an expert in abundance and manifestation techniques,  and passionate about business coaching as well as personal development. Sanda considers that wellbeing is total only when mind, body and soul are in harmony, therefore she creates coaching programs, workshops, and in person retreats where all these elements can come together for all participants. Sanda is also the creator of two original fitness programs: BellyCore® Fitness and AquaCor® Fitness.

She is the CEO of Success Coaching Academy, and a trainer of coaches with Transformation Academy, loving her team and opportunities of collaborating with other coaches, with the purpose of creating new paths towards wellbeing and prosperity! 

Catalina Volocaru

Catalina Volocaru este absolventa de studii superioare in Management si Master în Marketing on-line cu o carieră de 15 ani in dezvoltarea unui brand românesc de îmbrăcăminte pentru copii in poziția de director de vânzări la nivel național, actualmente antreprenor in consultanta de business si promovare on-line a afacerilor.
Pasionata de cercetări despre viitor, dezvoltare personală si adepta unei educații continue dorește să pregătească  oamenii pentru tranziția rapidă prin care trecem. Cu studii aprofundate in domeniul social își exercită activitatea în economia socială și își aduce aportul in comunitate cu cunoștințele sale, reușind să deschidă noi oportunități tineriilor care doresc să-și dezvolte competențe profesionale în domenii de actualitate precum marketing digital și nu numai.


Anamaria Dobos

Anamaria Dobos is an administrative law graduate from University of Bucharest, Romania who has a stellar career as an Office Manager, Risk Procedure Manager and Financial Analyst. She started her experience in Deloitte, one of the biggest multinational companies worldwide and she continued with big names like Alexandrion Group, East Coast Financial Services and Global Hub Group. All these years, she took pride in her high level of competence and efficiency, her attention to details, her consistency and dedication as well as her capacity to focus on finding solutions and today she is able to put it all to work for the Flipping the Odds™ Real Estate School. Anamaria’s lifetime success is built on her reliability, her dedication to team-work and helping others in performing their duties in an impeccable manner based on her indisputable work ethic. In her spare time, Anamaria enjoys gardening, dancing, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Alexandra Nica

 Is an 18 years old student at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at University of Bucharest. She loves being active, always enjoying a full range of activities, regardless of their nature. Her main passions include sports and reading. For 7 years she has been practicing karate, in which she won the title of Romanian National Champion, and has placed on 5th place at the World Championship. She is a fast-moving, growth-oriented person who loves to interact and form connections with the people around.

joeel natalie.jpg

Joeel & Natalie Rivera

Joeel & Natalie are co-founders of , where they train leading-edge entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and life coaches how to master their mindset and create a purpose-driven business so they can monetize their passion and live life on their terms. Joeel is a former psychology professor with a master’s degree in counseling and education and is currently completing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in psychology. 

Joeel & Natalie have started more than a dozen businesses, ranging from a non-profit teen center to a publishing company to an online training academy. In 2015, a long-term illness inspired them to convert their coaching and training programs into online courses. Since then, Transformation Academy has trained over 700,000 life coaches from 200+ countries and territories around the world.

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