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Emotional Intelligence: Master Your Emotions

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We’ve been told lies about our emotions: Emotions are bad or that we’re not supposed to express them. We should trust them—trust our gut—but, wait, no—emotions are irrational and shouldn’t be trusted Emotions are something that happens TO us and, therefore, they’re outside of our control. The truth is that you CAN control your emotional state—avoid the unwanted ones and purposefully create the ones we want. Just think about an astronaut—the HAVE to learn how to control their mind, emotions and body in order to handle the extreme stress of living in space. And if they are human beings and can develop this ability, so can you. In fact, the skill of emotional self-control is perhaps the most valuable skill you can EVER acquire. Being able to cope with and prevent high intensity stress, anxiety and fear unlocks our greatest abilities, frees us to go for our wildest dreams, and is a powerful factor that is often overlooked when comparing those who are successful at achieving their dreams and those who are not. For most of us, in our homes and schools, no one teaches us about our emotions and how they work. No one teaches that WE can control our emotions using the power of our own mind to become aware of our thoughts and feelings and so unlock the ability to choose our emotions and direct the content of our lives. No one teaches us that lack of emotional management is what leads to drama, suffering, addiction, and poor decisions…





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