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Complete Guide to Forgiveness & Personal Freedom

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ABOUT THIS COURSE Are you tired of getting stressed out every time you have to spend time with your mother or father? Are you frustrated with that sick feeling in your gut every time you have to deal with your ex? Are you tired of beating yourself up and sabotaging yourself? Do you know deep down that the resentment, pain and guilt are making you sick? And are you ready to set yourself free? These are common situations that we all experience and the one common denominator here is forgiveness (or the lack thereof). All humans deeply desire inner peace, to be happy, and to have a successful and purpose-filled life. However, holding onto resentments, hurts and judgments can keep us locked in old patterns that zap our joy and hold us back. This course teaches you step-by-step how to forgive in a healthy, easy to understand manner so that you can be free and happy – and best of all find your inner peace. You will learn how to free yourself from limitation and resentment and pain. But it’s more than that—you’ll learn a whole new ways of thinking that will empower every area of your life! You’ll learn how to release guilt and sabotage and develop self-acceptance and confidence. You’ll let go of victimhood and take your power back. You’ll become less judgmental of yourself and others. You’ll stop unnecessary suffering Plus, you’ll learn powerful strategies for healthy communication that will PREVENT the conflict and misunderstandings that lead to the need to forgive.





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