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The Abundance Mindset vs the Scarcity Mindset - Coaching & Personal Development

We live in a world in which amazing things are happening. The technology is evolving faster than ever before, new things are understood about the human mind and the human body. As well as about the world that we live in, our planet, our solar system, the universe. And in spite of that, in spite of all the good things that are happening and new discoveries about our world and about ourselves, we still live mostly, in a mentality of scarcity where we fight over lands, we fight over water, we fight over power for these resources, we fight over food.

Let's look for a second at our solar system. When we look down to Earth from space, the Earth is nothing but a blue point, a tiny dot, that we fight over, despite our global economy.

But the universe, the world is so much bigger than that, so much bigger than us and our planet, and in the same time, part of us as we are part of IT.

And if we pay attention, there is in fact an abundance of places that we haven't even discovered yet. Think about it, there are discussions these days about populating Mars and different other planets, so it may not happen in our lifetime, but it's going to happen soon where due to our evolution we may be able to move freely on another planet.

Imagine if we are able to convert efficiently at much higher volumes through new technology the existing solar energy that we have access to? We will have more energy than we ever need, and once we have more energy.

1. we don’t have to fight with each over it and 2. we can start processing the ocean water, take the salt out of it and use it as fresh water, like cruise ships already do. This way, we don’t have to fight for that resource anymore. We can have an abundance of fresh water.

Everything that I'm saying is just to point out that the only barriers to ourselves are in our mindset. See… you always have a choice. Are you going to be overwhelmed by the problem and scarce way of thinking? Or you can look at solving an existing problem and focus on a solution, by choosing an abundant way of thinking?

Let's look at what's happening in our growing industries like the technology industry, the computer industry, the telecommunications industry. Almost every skill that we've learned 10-20 years ago is almost obsolete. Skills have to adapt if not totally change every five to 10 years now. Remember when we grew up? We used to have a VHS, we used to have cassettes. We used to have then CD's and DVD's, and then Blu Rays and so on. And now. Almost nobody is using them anymore, and all this has happened in the last 20 years.

And during this time, our education systems have stayed the same. Well, if the industries and technologies are changing so fast what kind of skills are we going to teach our children? What are the schools supposed to teach them next that is going to create for them, a lifelong Income like it created for our parents and grandparent? When what they're learning today, it may not be useful 10-20 years from now anymore? Those are issues and problems which need solutions. But the truth is that there is no One Correct answer to this. There are numerous possible options to choose from, but those options can be all created only through people with open minds and abundance mindsets.

Our education systems, instead of focusing on teaching kids how to solve problems, how to come up with new ideas and new solutions to existing issues are still giving them tests standardized, making them choose one correct answer out of a few possible choices. Even this, the simple fact that it's only one correct answer allowed shows the scarcity mentality being deeply implanted in our education systems and how we absolutely need change.

It's going to happen, we're going to create an abundance of food, there's going to be an abundance of energy soon, and there are also already alternatives to the common way of learning. But the point is: is it going to be you? Are you going to have a contribution of any sorts? Who's doing this creation? Who's putting their time and efforts in this new technology that doesn't exist yet? Or in new, innovative systems of education?

How can you do that if you have a scarcity mentality? If you have a mindset that says: That cannot be done because it's never been done before. And if you let your part of the brain, the amygdala, to take control of your life and keep you in the status quo, instead of having a mindset that says: nothing is impossible?

Reality is that with dreaming small, taking safe steps and not understanding the possibilities available to you, you will probably be left behind.

The truth is that when you say that something is impossible, it doesn't really make that thing impossible for the world, for anybody else but for you. It becomes impossible for you, not for anybody else.

This is why a mindset of abundance it's based on dreaming big, dreaming beyond what it is and what the society thinks it's even comprehensible. The truth is that if you don’t think of ideas that when shared most people think you're crazy, then you are not dreaming big enough, period. But you see, a scarcity mindset will hold you back because it will say to you, ooh, but what if you fail?

An abundance mindset says instead: I’m not afraid of failure. Failure is just the opening of a new opportunity to try again, to improve what I was already doing, or to find a different way.

So yes, both scarcity and abundance all start up in our minds, regardless of what's going in outside the world, regardless of all external circumstances, and i dare to say this: regardless of how much money one person has or doesn't have in their bank account.

Yes, scarcity and abundance are not only about finances or not only about material things. They are about thoughts.. our thoughts which are our main resources. So yes, they both start in our minds. And, as we are the ones in control of our minds, or at least you will learn how to be by the end of this course, there is hope that you and your clients will be contributors to a bright future.

I know people who are multi-millionaires that have incredible resources at their disposal and what we would generally call abundance on the outside of themselves, but when you get to know them and talk to them, they still live in a mentality of scarcity, because they're so afraid that they're going to lose what they already have or they feel very guilty for having it. Others are so conservative and fearful, that they hold on to the materialistic things so badly, that in time they get to lose everything dear to their hearts and are miserable.

I understand that at first sight, people like this who have the money but don't have the mindset for the money are still seen by many in our society as being rich and abundant just because in many cases we tend to define abundance by how rich somebody is and how much money or properties they have, however an abundance mindset goes beyond the amounts someone holds in the bank or how many materialistic things they own, an abundance mindset it's more complex than that, involving appreciation, the willingness to help others, the capacity of seeing abundance everywhere around them, not only looking at finances. Money are just one aspect of it.

You may still be a little skeptical with what I'm saying so let's look at the opposite. Have you ever met somebody who didn't have much money, in fact they could be totally broke, but who live in joy and feel happiness, seeing the natural abundance around, like leaves in the trees, the birds in the sky, the sand on the beach, and the satisfaction that they have together with their loved ones, sharing the little food they may put on the table. These people, even though they may not have the money in the bank – and that happens most of the time due to deeply Programmed paradigms from previous generations and childhood - their mentality it's still one of abundance because they're capable of enjoying and appreciating and seeing the best in what they have.

So, clearly, the mindset of abundance or scarcity are not necessarily directly connected to the amount of money that one person has, but it's more about the perception that that individual has over the world and it's directly connected to the amount of appreciation they feel in their lives.

There is always a choice we have in which mindset we want to adopt and make the Predominant Energy in out lives! Choose wisely!

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