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The Law of Attraction - Coaching and Personal Development

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Everybody has heard about the law of attraction, perhaps based on the book “the Secret” and other programs similar to it. Many have "tried" to apply it in their lives, but most are saying that it doesn't work for them.

What people don't understand is that the law of attraction works all the time, just like ALL the other universal laws. So, statements like: "I have tried the law of attraction and it doesn’t work for me" are only made based on a lack of awareness. There's no such thing as applying the law of attraction and not working. The only reason why it didn't bring you what you asked for, it's because you were not a good vibrational match to that!

A universal law and has no exceptions, it does not work for some and not work for others. In fact, it works for everything in the universe just as well.

But what is important to be observed is that the law of attraction is not a primary law but a a secondary one, working tight with others. An example is the law of vibration, which is a primary law stating that everything is in motion, nothing stagnates. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, representing our point of attraction on which we bring into our lives exactly that with which we vibrate on the same level.

The law of attraction is simple: like attracts like.

But that doesn't mean that people who look alike attract each other, and it doesn't mean that people who have the same social status attract each other. The universe has one language and that is the language of energy based on love and appreciation. We are all energy and energy is everything, but there are different frequencies of energy at different levels. For example, according to Abraham Hicks love and appreciation are vibrating at the same high frequency, while gratitude for example vibrates at a lower frequency. There are emotional scales which have been done numerous times to represent the different frequency levels for different feelings that we have. Of course, that sadness, frustration, resentment, envy - all the negative energy emotions are going to rank lower on the frequency scales, while happiness, peace, love, joy and enlightenment are going to be at the higher end.

So the law of attraction works very clearly by bringing into your reality something that will match the frequency on which you vibrate at any point in time. If you say that you want more money, but your frequency is one of scarcity, then based on the law of attraction you cannot receive more money, until you raise your vibration.

We said from the beginning that our subconscious mind is the emotional mind and it controls the body, and then we said that based on those programs in the subconscious mind we actually vibrate at certain frequencies, which we can choose to change and raise consciously by using our rationale, our imagination, logic, intellect, will… but if we are not raising it and if we leave it where it is; if we desire something consciously, but we vibrate based on the feeling of fear, of not being worthy of it, or simple scarcity, we’re going to attract exactly that which corresponds to our vibration.

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